HK 81 F

  • This machine is designed for non-ferrous and light metals samples plain milling as a preparation for spectrometric analyses.
  • It also enables the preparation of precious metals (Au, Pt, Ag,...) alloys samples.
  • The milling machine operates without any liquid cooling.
  • The instruments used are face cutters with  exchangeable milling inserts made of tungsteen carbide which enable cutting at a very high cutting speed.
  • The machine is controlled by a programmable numeric system in a semiautomatic duty cycle with hand setting of the cutting depth.
  • The cutting speed is programmable in a wide range for all non-ferrous metals. Tending is easy.
  • The technical solution ensures milling repeatability and sample finishing reproducibility.


  • Compact desktop machine, fully covered working space, halogen lighting, automatic sample feeding, electronic pre-setting of step motor, fast advance for speed and reverse, continuous setting of cutting speed, NC-control via 32-bit processor, reproducible sample surfacing, exact cutting depth by height measurement tool, supply of millings for solution analysis, clean operation, easy handling