HK 40

  • swing Mill HK 40 is designed for the preparation of laboratory samples for analytical chemistry, X-ray and spectral analysis, electron microscopy, mineralogy, microbiology and for many further relative scientific disciplines
  • the instrument enables a very quick milling of small quantities of various kinds of materials and their simultaneous homogenization
  • typical materials for the application are: geological samples, rocks, minerals, cements, concretes, slags,  sintered ores, coal, coke, glass, china, plants, foodstuffs
  • several kinds of exchangeable milling sets specifically engineered for use with Swing Mill HK 40 are available to serve a broad range of sample material application in innumerable scientific disciplines
  • an easy and reliable utilization of the mill with its quiet running are the main advantages of the friendly operation of the instrument
  • the mechanism of the swing mill is uniquely engineered with a well balanced swinging mechanism providing minimal vibration and outstanding stability for counter-top operation
  • the mill is designed as a table instrument
  • during the operation of the mill the door of cover is locked by the electromagnetic lock
  • the digital time swich secures an exact adjustment of milling time and enables the reproducibility of the results during the preparationof laboratory samples